Constructivism is a part of the huge wave of the avant-
garde culture and a significant contribution to the
global architectural history. Novosibirsk is one of the
leaders for the degree of preservation and the number
of avant-garde buildings in Russia. However, among
more than 200 discovered avant-garde buildings, only
69 have the status of cultural heritage objects, and
applications have been submitted to confirm the status
for 2-3 buildings and the complex of the left-bank
socialistic city of Novosibirsk.
Avant-garde architecture on the map of Novosibirsk
The architecture of constructivism is a part of the large-scale cultural phenomenon of the Russian avant-garde and of the new architecture of the 1920s – 1930s, known as 'international'. It is possible to understand the scale of this phenomenon by looking at the map of the heritage of the constructivist architecture compiled by the volunteers of the Constructivist Project
Novosibirsk occupies a significant position on the global map of architectural avant-garde. The studies exercised by a large number of specialists indicate that there are more than 200 objects referring to different directions of the avant-garde architecture.

About project
The Novo-Sibirsk. Constructivism! Project is implemented by an initiative group of citizens interested in preservation of the heritage of constructivist architecture and its popularization as one of the key components of the city's brand. The plan of actions includes involving the city residents and different entities into the work of raising the recognizability of the constructivist architectural heritage in 4 districts of the city and forming growth points for social and cultural activity to ensure their preservation and development. Attention of the city community and of the media to the significance of the event will be ensured by making the constructivist map of Novosibirsk, conducting public events and organizing tours and exhibitions in all the locations. Further evolvement will be ensured by curators oriented at promotion of constructivist memorial buildings through the site-specific projects, creating new points for attracting creative communities and making modern city souvenirs, and developing the tourist potential. All this will highlight the place of the Novosibirsk constructivism in the international context and will create new opportunities for social and cultural initiatives in the city communities and in the inter-regional and international collaborations.
The project team
Yevgeny Dubrovin
Тhe leader of the Novo-Sibirsk. Constructivism! Project
Vladimir Sorokin
Тhe scientific supervisor of the Novo-Sibirsk. Constructivism! Project
Anton Gashenko
Аn architecture expert, the artist of the map of the Novo-Sibirsk. Constructivism! Project
Karina Lyanikova
Тhe curator of events of the Novo-Sibirsk. Constructivism! Project
Our partners
This site was created by the "SMART-Concept" association with the support of a grant from the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. If you want to help the project "Novo-Siberian. Constructivism!" in the popularization and preservation of the constructivist heritage of Novosibirsk, you can donate any amount convenient for you.
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